Terms and Conditions



All Bundles are for a hire period of 4 hours. This commences from the start time of your event. If you have chosen our Pick up Bundle - hire time is between 8am-6pm when suits you to collect and return.

All bookings incur an additional $100 bond/cleaning fee.

This bond will be processed as refund by us 1-2 working days after your event, subject to all Terms and Conditions being adhered too. Processing back through 3rd party channels may take additional processing time that is out of our control. Please let us know if you think your return hasn't come through, we can look into it asap for you!

All bookings are inclusive of travel up to 10Km's to and from our HQ in Burwood. If you are further than this you will incur additional travel fees. Please get in touch if you are not sure we are happy to check your location before you book. These travel fees can be added to an invoice or we will deduct from your bond if all T&Cs are followed. 

Cancelations - 

If you cancel your hire anytime before the 7 days prior to your event you will receive a full refund minus a $50 admin fee.

If you cancel your hire 7 days – 2 days (48 hours) before your event you will receive a refund of 50% of the total hire cost.

If you cancel your hire 24 hours before your event there will be no refunds given.

Canceling due to unforeseen circumstances (illness on the day) we are happy to work with you where we can to find another date to transfer your booking too.

If this is not able to happen other cancelation policy's then apply. 

By PROCESSING your booking at checkout you agree that you have READ, UNDERSTOOD and AGREE to our Terms and Conditions. We do our upmost to accommodate changes if and where we can to create amazing memories for your family. 

You will be liable for any damages and loss of property, this will be deducted from your bond and anything damaged or lost over the $100 bond will be invoiced separately to be paid to us in full within 7 days of additional invoice being sent. Damages and lost equipment puts other bookings at risk, loss of income for our small business and we will not tolerate disrespectful treatment of our equipment. 

If we collect our equipment wet or soiled by prohibited items; Face paint, Bubbles, Food, Drink, Confetti, Grass, Mud, Pen ink, this will incur a cleaning fee and will result in the loss of your bond and/or additional charges. These items permanently stain our equipment.

All Balls are to be returned to the Ball Pit before we arrive for collection. The additional time spent locating the balls takes us additional time to pack up - we find its a fun way to finish up an event getting the little ones to do this for you!

All pieces of equipment MUST remain as they were at our setup and CANNOT be rearranged once setup is complete by us. This is an insurance requirement and must be adhered too. *Our pick up Bundle is different and set up by you but we provide all safety mats and strongly advise the use of these for your hire. 

Please note we will NOT refund for hires cancelled due to wet weather on the day. Our soft play bundles can be set up outside on flat, dry grass or concrete but you MUST have an indoor/ covered option as back up incase of bad weather. A gazebo works well if you don't have indoor space. We will not set up outside if it is forecast to rain on the day of your event. Please keep this in mind when choosing your event location. During winter months we will not set up on grass outside. 

Depending on what you choose we require approximately 1-1.5 hours to install your bundle and the same to collect after your event. Please keep this in mind when hiring a venue we will need prior access to make sure we are set up before your event start time and access after to allow for us to remove all equipment. We move quickly and efficiently, our equipment while robust it is also delicate and can rip easily. We love that you want to help us carry equipment but we ask for insurance purposes you let our team do the heavy lifting. 

We reserve the right to invoice for any additional travel outside our 10kms of our base in Burwood or tricky set up locations ie. houses on a hill, stairs to navigate, long driveways with no close parking for our Ute and trailer. These installs incur extra time and most likely additional staff. 

All of our equipment is cleaned with child friendly, germ fighting products and we have gone that bit extra to try and keep sensitive skin in mind. All equipment is given a light clean and sanitize on installation and again on collection to keep on top of the bugs and sticky fingers, then when back at Rug Rats HQ we thoroughly clean again before putting away. Then wash/ Sanitize and dry all the ball pit balls - Yes that’s 1000’s of balls! 

Strictly no face paint/ Bubbles is allowed on our soft play equipment. This permanently stains and will incur extra cleaning/replacement costs. If you are having face paint at your event we kindly ask that you do this after your soft play hire has ended, or think of us next time you have an event. Even water based paint stains our equipment. 

You take full responsibility that all of our Rules of Play are adhered to and age restrictions followed these are clearly stated on the provided sign at the entrance to our soft play area.

Rules of Play

  • Parent supervision required at ALL times for safety
  • Please adhere to the recommended age of 0-5yrs
  • No FACE PAINT, BUBBLES,shoes, food, drinks, confetti, water, or pens in the soft play area
  • Clean socks to be worn at all times
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!

    The hirer agrees to completely indemnify Rug Rats in respect of all and any claims by any person(s) whatsoever for the injury to person(s).

    Rug Rats undertakes no liabilities whatsoever in respect of third party and similar risks for personal injury, or for consequential damage of any kind.

    Rug Rats NZ are fully Insured 

    By hiring our soft play and processing your booking you agree that you have read and understood all of Rug Rats Terms and Conditions.

    By processing your booking you agree to be placed on our mailing list - no don't worry, we wont spam you!

    We look forward to being a part of your little ones special event & thank you so much for choosing us! 

    - The Rug Rats Crew